Pre-tour crowdfunding campaign!

Howdy folks! our pre-tour crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE! Please share and invite. We have 100 exclusive T-shirts designed and drawn by Justin, 40 hand-written lyrics by Justin for the CBP song of their choice, 20 tour passes that get you into any headline (non-festival) CBP show in 2019/2020, and 10 shirt/pass combos.


We’re doing this so we don’t have to go borrowing money from our label and keep things in-house so-to-speak… This band is not easy to get on the road, getting people together from far away places and rehearsing etc.

We hope you guys are into this and fancy some proper exclusive and very limited goodies.. As well as hoping to raise much needed funds, it’s our way of giving supporters something very cool back as a way of showing our appreciation. We have the best Vigilante fans in the universe!

And even if you don’t fancy our goodies.. you can still support us by simply donating and we can all stick two fingers up to “the man”… or as we call it the “industry”.


Thanks for reading.. and thanks for the amazing and continued support!


Feb - 16 2019


tour2019TOUR 2019AD !!!! 

ESCAPE with CBP!!! . 
Along with Soft Kill and Fotocrime 

19.03 – Scunthorpe, UK @ Cafe Indie (no Soft Kill)
20.03 – Manchester, UK @ Rebellion (no Soft Kill)
21.03 – London, UK @ Underworld
22.03 – Brighton, UK @ Patterns
23.03 – Osnabrück, DE @ Bastard Club
24.03 – Hamburg, DE @ Knust
25.03 – Aarhus, DK @ Voxhall
26.03 – Stockholm, SE @ Kraken
27.03 – Copenhagen, DK @ Vega
28.03 – Berlin, DE @ BiNuu
29.03 – Dresden, DE @ Scheune
30.03 – Prague, CZ @ Underdogs
01.04 – Aschaffenburg, DE @ Colos-saal
02.04 – Martigny, CH @ Caves du Manoir
03.04 – Vaureal, FR @ Le Forum
04.04 – Strasbourg, FR @ La Laiterie
05.04 – Nimes, FR @ La Paloma
06.04 – Luzern, CH @ Schüür
07.04 – Villingen Schwenningen, DE @ Klosterhof
08.04 – Vienna, AT @ Arena
09.04 – Munich, DE @ Feierwerk
10.04 – Cologne, DE @ Luxor
11.04 – Tilburg, NL @ Roadburn Festival (CBP and Fotocrime)

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Nov - 30 2018

Roadburn Festival 2019

Yes it’s true… We perform at Roadburn in 2019. Something special is brewing.


Nov - 15 2018

CBP Tour of the Balkans & Greece 2018!

Additional date now announced!

7th October Budapest @ A38 Hajó


Sep - 03 2018

Great Escape Pt1 Video Released!

Here’s the new video for the song “Great Escape Pt I” … animated beautifully by Philippe Blain.

ctrl+alt+ E S C A P E

Aug - 21 2018

2nd track from new CBP Album ‘Great Escape’!

This one is for all the animals who are mistreated and abused.

Apparently the press are all on holiday, so here’s the “PR release” direct to you. So if you could please share these words as well as the song link, we would appreciate it!


Justin –

Given the fact that both Belinda and myself are huge animal lovers and animal rights supporters, it has always seemed the right thing to do to make songs about the animals. We did it with our “other” band Se Delan, so when i gave her the demos for Great Escape songs, Belinda got straight back to me with this burning need to write a song for the animals.
It completes the song and fits into the thread of the album.

Belinda –

Often i’m referred to as a “closed book”,which is true I guess, but when it comes to animals and their wellbeing, I’ll rip my heart out and serve it on a plate. I know we can’t bare the weight of the worlds evil on our shoulders, and we can’t save all of them, the unloved, abused and neglected animals of the world. But I have a tendency to want to do just that and its hard to cope with at times. This song is for them.

#GreatEscape #CBP #UVO #AnimalRights

Fighting Animal Testing Animal Aid

Aug - 06 2018

1st track from new CBP Album ‘Great Escape’!

‘To You I Give’

Here it is folks… one new song from the new album GREAT ESCAPE.

It’s an incredibly boring song.. not up to our usual…. Naaaah… just kidding… it rules hard and we’re proud of this and the whole damn album!

Follow the links to the song and other label pre-sale info…

Jul - 04 2018

CBP Tour of the Balkans & Greece 2018!

As far as CBP TOUR announcements go… this one is a belter!! CBP does total pleasure in the Balkans & Greece… Share the love!


May - 14 2018

CBP @ Fekete Zaj Festival – Hungary

Super excited about this one… We return to Hungary for the Fekete Zaj Fesztivál playing alongside VHK! YO!
August 17th-18th-19th.

Mar - 13 2018

News New News – Jan 2018

We are recording a new FULL LENGTH album, next month on Season of Mist!! This will be released later in the year… but in the meantime….
Our recent EP “Horrific Honorifics” will get a cool vinyl release on 9th March. The first pressing will be limited to 650 on chunky black vinyl, and a super limited pressing of 100 on silver vinyl.


Listen to our version of the classic No Means No song “Victory” here…

…most up-to-date CBP information and discussion is always on our Facebook page here

Jan - 16 2018

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