Dark Bombastic Evening Lineup


Jul - 16 2016


CBP at Dark Bombastic Evening 7!


Feb - 15 2016

Converge Tour Dates


  • 7 DE, Köln – Gebäude 9 (+ Secrets of the Moon)
  • 8 BE, Antwerp – Kavka (+ Secrets of the Moon)
  • 9 DE, Hannover – Faust (+ Secrets of the Moon)
  • 10 DE, Hamburg – Logo (+ Secrets of the Moon + 40watt Sun)
  • 11 DE, Berlin – Postbahnhof – Supporting Converge
  • 12 FR, Reims – La Cartonneri – Supporting Convergee
  • 13 UK, London – Electric Brixton – Supporting Converge

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Feb - 11 2016

New Dark Age ep. Review – The Sleeping Shaman


Jan - 25 2016

Converge Blood Moon 2016 Gigs

Ladies and gentlemen, CBP are proud to be special guests on the Converge – Blood Moon Tour April 2016. More details to follow.


Jan - 08 2016

New Dark Age ep. review – Soil Chronicles


Jan - 08 2016

New Dark Age ep. review – Two Guys Metal Reviews


Jan - 08 2016

New Dark Age ep. review – Echoes and Dust


Jan - 08 2016

New Dark Age ep. review – MeatMeadMetal

PICK OF THE WEEK: Crippled Black Phoenix’s dark vision mixes with spacey tribute on ‘New Dark Age’

Jan - 08 2016

New Dark Age Tour

As a couple of CBP brothers said “the best revenge is to succeed”, and that is what we have just done.
Through utter incompetence, huge misjudgements and a sheer lack of concern or respect for the band, the “industry” almost destroyed this tour. It nearly didn’t happen at all.

There are details and blatant lies told to us during this tour, on top of the major issues. …. but you know what? ……
We don’t give it a second thought, because we made this tour happen, we turned it around from an almost cancelled disaster, to a triumphant month of great shows.

So…. it’s due to an amazing CBP family, an amazing and understanding tour bus company, great promoters in certain places, a label who are straight and no bullshit, and of course the guys’n’gals who came out to see us, that this New Dark Age tour has been both brutal and fantastic justice.

Thanks and eternal respect to everyone who made all this possible.


Dec - 21 2015

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