If you didn’t already know, we’re on tour very soon.

Also, all of us in the CBP family would like to say this…

The last year has been a tough one with not much going on with touring, but we’re now getting things back on track. We know there’s been confusion and negative propaganda coming from certain places, but CBP is the same band, and slight changes were definitely for the better (as anyone who came to see us last summer will hopefully testify to)
So we’re hoping to see the old faithful crowd as well as some new faces this time. . . The band never split, there is no other CBP, no one has taken anything from our music or strength, the integrity remains.

So from all of us, Mark, Daniel, Daisy, Ben, Niall, Jonas and Justin (and Belinda… Aaaand Lee-aka-Peter Hook) … Let’s not let the bastards grind us down.. .

Full on trap attack!

Please share this post and help us reach all of our friends/fans/supporters. Thanks.

Respect and white light. CBP.


Nov - 15 2015

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