AW MAH GAWD! …. This is THE announcement. Pay attention friendo

The new CBP album is called BRONZE (as if you didn’t guess by now) and it is released on 4th November.
We are almost happy to give you a song excusively with Prog Magazine… check out “No Fun” below. .. streaming now!
Watch out for more amazing vigilante action and info coming rapid fashion!

No Fun is a small part of the album, so fans of “old-school” CBP misery style, be patient, there’s plenty of that coming.


Preorder the album here

Our merchandise vigilante family Empire have an offer on at our official webshop….
To celebrate the upcoming album, all items (including some special bundles for New Dark Age) are 20% off for the week! Use the coupon code 20off at checkout!

Sep - 07 2016

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