Powerplay Magazine – Review of BRONZE 9/10

powerplayThe last Crippled Black Phoenix release, the very impressive ‘New Dark Age Tour Ep. 2015AD’, concluded with a remarkable cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes’ and ‘Bronze’ begins with a track – ‘Dead Imperial Bastard’ – that seems to have grown organically from that piece.
Yet ‘Dead Imperial Bastard’ is not a template for ‘Bronze’, rather a launching pad from which Crippled Black Phoenix begin their latest exploration of sound.

Pink Floyd do, in many ways, feel like the only relevant point of reference for this album, but the comparison is to their spirit, ambience and sonic palette; subtle links rather than a suggestion of imitation.

To my mind ‘Bronze’ is Crippled Black Phoenix’s most complete and accomplished work to date. Wonderful pieces like ‘Rotten Memories’ draw you in and swallow you up.
You drift and dream within them, rather than listening from the outside.
Only the most potent and powerful music can consume you in this way.

In a less soulless age than this Crippled Black Phoenix would be so much more widely appreciated. I’d say that ‘Bronze’ is their masterpiece, but who knows what more they have yet to reveal?

Sometimes it seems, bronze is more valuable than gold.

– Chris Kee –

Nov - 01 2016

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