2nd track from new CBP Album ‘Great Escape’!

This one is for all the animals who are mistreated and abused.

Apparently the press are all on holiday, so here’s the “PR release” direct to you. So if you could please share these words as well as the song link, we would appreciate it!


Justin –

Given the fact that both Belinda and myself are huge animal lovers and animal rights supporters, it has always seemed the right thing to do to make songs about the animals. We did it with our “other” band Se Delan, so when i gave her the demos for Great Escape songs, Belinda got straight back to me with this burning need to write a song for the animals.
It completes the song and fits into the thread of the album.

Belinda –

Often i’m referred to as a “closed book”,which is true I guess, but when it comes to animals and their wellbeing, I’ll rip my heart out and serve it on a plate. I know we can’t bare the weight of the worlds evil on our shoulders, and we can’t save all of them, the unloved, abused and neglected animals of the world. But I have a tendency to want to do just that and its hard to cope with at times. This song is for them.

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Aug - 06 2018

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