Pre-tour crowdfunding campaign!

Howdy folks! our pre-tour crowdfunding campaign is now LIVE! Please share and invite. We have 100 exclusive T-shirts designed and drawn by Justin, 40 hand-written lyrics by Justin for the CBP song of their choice, 20 tour passes that get you into any headline (non-festival) CBP show in 2019/2020, and 10 shirt/pass combos.


We’re doing this so we don’t have to go borrowing money from our label and keep things in-house so-to-speak… This band is not easy to get on the road, getting people together from far away places and rehearsing etc.

We hope you guys are into this and fancy some proper exclusive and very limited goodies.. As well as hoping to raise much needed funds, it’s our way of giving supporters something very cool back as a way of showing our appreciation. We have the best Vigilante fans in the universe!

And even if you don’t fancy our goodies.. you can still support us by simply donating and we can all stick two fingers up to “the man”… or as we call it the “industry”.


Thanks for reading.. and thanks for the amazing and continued support!


Feb - 16 2019

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