Meskalina – Poznan 10th May 2011 Review by Alternation

This time lovely and cozy Meskalina played host to a band called Crippled Black Phoenix. This is not a group for people who adore naming everything, and everyone who happened to pigeonhole the mentioned project would simply twist his or her tongue. Which makes the band even more intriguing.

The concert had been sold out and the audience that turned out represented was very diversified in terms of ages.
Live instruments in the form of three electric guitars with a bas included, along with drums, a violin, an acoustic guitar, which was played by the band’s leader, appeared on stage, supported by keyboards and samples. There was no room for celebrity-like acting, just sheer onteraction with the audience. It was clearly visible that the artists were glad to perform in our country once again. During the show, the artists announced that the last year’s gig in Poland was one of the brightest moments on tour and that they were immensly pleased to perform yet again in the best place. Almost two-hour, extraordinarily dynamic concert managed to animate even the most orthodox malcontents; it was truly enthusiastically received on the part of the gathered. The band did not want to part with the audience so easily and vice versa.

All this resulted in three encores, while one of the last pieces – “Burnt Reynolds” was sung along with the fans. Somewhat a cosmic energy did manage to get accumulated at the club, the energy that was brought about by absolutely looped tunes and the guitar eruption of noise.


Everything sounded just right and none of the listeners wanted the event to come to an end. During the very last piece a special guest appeared on stage – a huge orange teddy bear, whose presence encouraged everyone to enjoy that ever crazier fun.
Sort of a musical rollercoaster.
At the end, after a-few-miunte applauses, calls and after having sung altogether “Burnt Reynolds”, the group of musicians came back on stage and got round to joint vocalizing to the sounds played by the drums.Crippled Black Phoenix presented itself as a band consisting of musicians who feel perfect when performing and have no difficulties in evincing any form of interaction with their audience, simultanouesly distinguishing themsleves with a wonderful sense of humor.Little do we have to do now but to hope they will return to Poland.



Review by Helium, Alternation Magazine


Jun - 14 2011

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