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THIS should be the new charity single.... YO. ...

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next t-shirt design! ;) ...

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Apparently the tickets are running low, so don't dillydaddle, get yo tickets for the ultimate experience in erotic pleasure :) ...

The €15 tickets for the CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX (official) show with Afformance at Gagarin 205 LIve Music Space are running low! Grab em while you can: cbp-ath2014.eventbrite.com more info: www.facebook.com/events/739723012753251/

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(Crippled) Black Floyd. ...

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Ok so we made it to the last gig of the tour in Cologne! Thanks to everyone who came to see us!! Hope to see you all again next time!

Keep checking here and our facebook page for latest news.

Next gig is in London on 3rd May at the Garage…. after that…who knows?? :-)

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