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Another good cause for a HUMAN CULL! ..... Lowlife scumbags butchering whales on the Faroe Islands. ...

Sea Shepherd volunteers entered the water to prevent the massacre, when they were intercepted by the Danish Navy.

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We're playing a gig tomorrow, if ye interested, in some kind of tent... nowhere near as cool as a cave, but it'll do. The set list shall be short but it'll include such gems as "Time has been unkind to your face", "My Cat Hates You", "Post Rock Is For Idiots", "Shifty Dickensian" and the unforgettable "Hey Ugly, Why Are You So Ugly?". ...

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Hey! .... one or two people could learn something here... ...


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not new, but still good. ...

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Just one of the shirt designs by the abominable Matthew Dunn!!

Coming soon.....

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Nothern Comfort – White Light Generator

Crippled Black Phoenix – Northern Comfort – Official Video on MUZU.TV.

White Light Generator – Preview
With very nice art/animation from Matt Dunn.

Burnt Reynolds at the Loreley Festival July 2013

Acoustic 444 in Bratislava July 2013



Brain/Poznan Munich 2012

Laying Traps

444 Live in Zagreb

CBP on Balcony TV in Poznan Poland