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Classic.... almost 30yrs. ...

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For your listening please.... screw you Spotify, if anyone should stream CBP music for nothing, it should be CBP!

(and no arguments about streaming.... and NO we don't get anything from Spotify, 0.0002p does not count!)

Self Seeking Man by Crippled Black Phoenix, released 23 October 2014

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Nothern Comfort – White Light Generator

Crippled Black Phoenix – Northern Comfort – Official Video on MUZU.TV.

White Light Generator – Preview
With very nice art/animation from Matt Dunn.

Burnt Reynolds at the Loreley Festival July 2013

Acoustic 444 in Bratislava July 2013



Brain/Poznan Munich 2012

Laying Traps

444 Live in Zagreb

CBP on Balcony TV in Poznan Poland